A Silence That Kills

Topics: Tobacco, Passive smoking, Tobacco smoking Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: November 4, 2010
“A Silence that Kills” by Lyndon Haviland
In “A Silence that Kills” Lyndon Haviland expresses the idea that the public must confront the social inequities of tobacco use. Haviland believes the communities must communitcate a sence of urgency and engage all Americans in the battle against tobacco use. The author expresses her ideas thoroughly by concentrating on certain fact of tobacco use or second hand smoke affect, the epidemic in out current communities, the silence of the government, and the concern for public health. With the constant repetition of unity and a well-organized, concentrated article, the author easily captures the attention of the reader and the intended American audience. However, the author lacks information on certain constitutional rights that restrict the passing of support within our government.

Haviland would like to see the right against tobacco grow within the American people. The author targets all Americans but especially Americans who were directly affected by tobacco use. By targeting this audience, she appeals to their emotional state. Pathos are driven by emotion. With this technique, she definitely connects to this group. The groups most vulnerable to follow a certain campaign are those who have some emotions towards it. By connecting to this group, she gathers strong supports to follow her fight to decrease the silence of tobacco use in America.

In addition, Haviland, with this article wishes to inform readers about the dangers of tobacco use. By explaining some of the effects that smoking may cause on your health and others around you, the author continues to grab the reader’s attention. Haviland minimizes the use of personal pronouns while describing such matters. By only including calculations and research done by professionals, she eliminates the idea of her article being faulty. However, the author does not mention that other factors present in our air can cause such problems. She decides not to mention this,...
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