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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Cultural Immersion Program
One of the most significant experience I have ever had occurred when I was in grade 9th at Nguyen Gia Thieu Secondary School. According to the signed annual cultural immersion program between the two schools, the North View Secondary School group(NVSS), consisting of 5 teachers and 30 students, will travel to Vietnam to communicate with Nguyen Gia Thieu Secondary School in September and the Nguyen Gia Thieu Junior High School team will travel to Singapore in return for cultural exchanges with North View school on July. It was the second year of the program, and I was one of the 30 students who were chosen for the cultural immersion. My first impression about Singapore is that Changi airport is very modern, beautiful and much bigger than the Tan Son Nhat airport. As we checked out, we saw that the Singaporean students were already waiting for us outside. There were some familiar faces that I had seen when they visited my school. On the bus to the resort, we were told that we would stay there for only two nights. Then, each Vietnamese student would be paired with a Singaporean students and would stay at his or her house until we returned to Vietnam. The first day was quite wonderful. After breakfast, we got on the bus and traveled to the school. There, we attended the welcome ceremony and was given a brief introduction about the program when we stayed. Then each student was paired with a Singaporean buddy, and we were also divided into five groups for a project: a multi-media presentation about what we learned after the trip. The days afterwards were spectacular. We had the chance to visit many tourist attractions in Singapore like Chinatown, Little India, the Discovery Centre, Marina Barrage, Merlion, etc, but the most interesting was the Universal Studio. But the best part was when we learned Home Economics. We learned how to make a plastic dish and a curry puff. We also had the chance to make one by...
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