A Short Study on Cell Phones

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  • Published: March 1, 2013
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Cellular Phone Evolution into A Multi-Function Appliance
* This gives an insight into the origins and the evolution of the cell phone (mobile phone). * It also gives the major uses of the cell phone today like calling 911 during an emergency Evolution of the cell phone

* from the ordinary communicating and texting device to the now intriguing multiuser system with the ability to play music, surf the Internet, take pictures and record videos Advantages of the cell phone

* communication with other people
* multifunctional uses such as email, internet and camera Disadvantages of the cell phone
* lapses in network
* increased long term costs
* health risks
* the future of cell phones

With the development of the mobile phone to a multi-functional device, not only has the communication and handling improved but a number of services have been added too. A modern mobile phone combines the phone function with a range of other functions, such as camera, Internet access, MP3 player, navigation equipment and game console. The transformation of cellular phone technology into a multi-function appliance majorly explores the security features of the new technologies of the Smartphone technology. It further explores the security flaws of the cellular phones operating systems (Zheng & Ni, 2006).

It is very evident that wireless communication technologies are actually rapidly turning to have an important concern which is in regard to the highway safety. Around ninety million people are currently subscribing to these wireless services, among this eighty five percent of these subscribers use cell phones to conduct their businesses among other things. Already, an approximate 99,000 emergency calls are made by phone operators every day. Research printed in the New England Journal of Care and medicine by the (NHTSA) has clinched...
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