A Short Happy Life of Marcober

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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We live in a world that abides the jungle of law. A leader has to make prompt decisions and show leadership. Cowardice, hesitation bring forth failure that proofs the idea of Survival of the fittest.

As we see “She was an extremely handsome and well kept woman of the beauty and social position which had.” We can understand that Margot Macomber as the Cruel world by “the hardest, the cruelest, the most predatory and the most attractive and their men have softened or gone to pieces nervously as they have hardened.” She is an extremely desirable woman who married to Francis Macomber (Bourgeoisise and Hegemony). She is rich because of her husband, that’s the major bond of their marriage. We can also see that the relationship of Francis and Wilson first started as bourgeoisie and proletariat Francis hired Wilson as his Safari guide as it said “You don’t have to go in, of course,” he said. “that’s what I’m hired for, you know. That’s why I’m so expensive” We understand that Wilson works for Francis and took money from him. By this set up, we can conclude that Francis is the bourgeoisie who own a lot of wealth. Unfortunately, the decision of having Wilson kill the lion as he ran away makes the critical change of the status of Hegemony where Francis stands in the role of being Margot’s man. Francis and Margot’s marriage fell into a huge trouble after Francis runs away from a lion instead of killing it on the safari. At the same night, Margot leaves Francis’s side and went with Wilson “So she woke him when she came in, Wilson thought, looking at them both with his flat, cold eyes. Well, why doesn’t he keep his wife where she belongs? What does he think I am, a bloody plaster saint? Let him keep her where she belongs. It’s his own fault.” We noticed that the Hegemony position of Francis has been taken away by Wilson. We can also understand that Francis noticed his Hegemony place had been taken away, so he did changes and try to rescue the awkwardness situation. As he...
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