A Shared Vision

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Austin Mansell

A Shared Vision

A. Being forward-looking means to have in mind a greater long-term goal at all times. It is important for a leader to be forward-looking so that they can give constant reminders to their team along the way that there are essential shared long-term objectives for the team to meet. For instance this could be making playoffs. The leader needs to get everyone on board with this idea in order for it to come true.

B. The leader can put forth a long-term goal for the team, one that is only obtainable when everyone is willing to do his or her part.

C. A leader can give constant reminders along the way to make sure everyone is still on track with the team’s future goal.

D. A leader can have a meeting with his or team to get his or her thoughts across. The leader can also set guidelines for team to follow in order to meet their goal and make sure to never break the rule he or she set.

E. The leader can listen to what every individual has to say and acknowledge it. Then after hearing from everyone tries to make a shared vision that everyone can agree on.

F. During my senior year of high school, my soccer coach had the vision of beating our rivals on their home field something that had never happened before. Since the creation of their turf facility in 2009 they had not lost there. Our team worked hard all year to prepare for them. Everyone was mutually motivated to take down our rivals and so we did. In the last game of the regular season we beat them 1-0, breaking their streak.

G. A common obstacle along the way could be member of the team who is not on board with the vision. If one member of the team is being difficult then it is the leaders job to try and amend the situation. If not possible then that member may need to be left behind.
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