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  • Published : April 26, 2011
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A Separate Peace Essay
Betrayal, one of the most horrible things you could do to anyone your family, a friend anyone. To me it’s one of my all time most hated things a person could do and it’s almost unforgivable. In this book A Separate Peace by John Knowles two boys Phineas and Gene who are best friends at a boarding school in New Hampshire experience some of the worst kinds of Betrayal you could think of. Gene commits a very bad betrayal when he jousts the tree limb they are both standing on ending up with Finny falling and badly breaking his leg. This was no accident because Gene can’t stand the guilt. After the accident Gene is allowed to go see Finny in the hospital and gets interrupted when he’s about to tell Finny he did it on purpose. He gets another chance when he shows up at Phineas house and bust out that he did it on purpose. “You see! Kill me! Now you know what it is! I did it because I felt like that! Now you know yourself!” Gene says this when Finny tells him to shut up or he will kill him and that explains the Genes reason for hurting Finny. This is betrayal they are best friends and best friends are suppose to look out for one another. Gene did this because he can’t stand Finny they are best friends but Gene envies Finny so much and hated him but really loved him. This betrayal is the leading event to one of the most shocking and awful things that could ever happen to a boy. Another betrayal in this story leads to Finny re injuring himself and make things even worse happens a little while after his return to Devon. While Finny was at home the boys at their school brought up that maybe Gene did it on purpose just to get his own room and get rid of Finny. When they say this to Gene it upsets him very much and he assures them that it was an “accident” which we know it’s wasn’t but they don’t know that. So they try and blame it on Gene and Finny not knowing that it wasn’t true and Gene denied it all runs or waddles out...
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