A Separate Peace and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Power as the Main Attribute

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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A Separate Peace Essay Exam

“Power is the strength and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another. It is being able to place a circle of power at your own feet and not take power from someone else’s circle.” In John Knowles A Separate Peace Finny has the power to do whatever he set his mind to without having to second guess himself or listen to what others tell him. Finny’s physical attributes and popularity made him someone that others looked up to and someone who wasn’t ever bothered. In the form of his roommate Gene however it didn’t come so naturally. Gene wasn’t like Finny so what Gene would do was try and be more powerful by becoming more like Finny. Similar to Finny, R.P McMurphy was also a powerful man in his own way. In Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest McMurphy’s attitude and actions make him someone for the other people in the mental institution to look up to. His power of resisting Nurse Ratched was one that other patients tried to develop and want to do on their own. What the quote states is something that I agree with and is seen through out novels in history. In both Ken Kesey’s and John Knowles novels, a hint of jealousy or envy could be showing which in time could lead to others some being so power hungry that it my lead to some others demise.

In John Knowles A Separate Peace, Gene Forrester is best friends and roommates with Phineas Incorrigible. Finny has always been an athletic type of guy with the attitude of always trying to see the good in people. When it comes down to it he is very popular and powerful in his own sense. Gene on the other hand is very envious of Finny and although they are best friends, Gene cant stand the fact that Finny is so much better at everything. After inventing the new sport of “blitzball” Finny and Gene headed over to the pool to take laps. It was there that Gene convinces Finny to try and break the school record, which he does. Gene notices that there is...
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