A Sense of Belonging Comes from Having Connections with People and Places

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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A sense of belonging is an essential part of every individual's life. A sense of belonging can be created from having connections with people and places within a personal, cultural, historical and social context. The choice of where to belong and who to belong with changes people's sense of belonging as time passes. The Poetry of Peter Skrzynecki's 'Immigrant Chronicle' and Carson McCullers's novel , "The member of the wedding" demonstrates how a sense of belonging comes from having connections with people and places.

" The member of the wedding" discuss the idea that we do not always choose the groups we belong to and sometimes individuals are cast into groups to which they feel little connection. The novel, "the member of the wedding", explores the Frankie's desire of wanting to belong to a group and due to not making acceptance by them, disconnection always happens and she lost the sense of belong again and again. Through Frankie, the text reveals that we often yearn to belong to another people or groups, but forget to value the people and place which we already belong. While Frankie is introduced to the reader as 'a member of nothing' from the start, we soon learn that is not true. The statement reflects the way in which Frankie sees her situation, but view is subjective. Frankie already belongs to the terrible summer we of herself and John Henry and Bernice', a group brought together by circumstance. When Frankie feels she is not a member, we can take this to mean that she does not belong to a group she dreams important -one that has social prestige.

Where we sit in the social hierarchy can affect how we see and how we feel about ourselves. Frankie, Bernice and John Henry are all outsiders because they exist on the periphery of other groups. In Similarity, Skrzynecki's experiences of being an outsider negatively impact his sense of self worth, expressed as 'darkness' in "St Patrick's College". He questions the relevance of a Catholic education and...
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