A Self Perception Inventory

Topics: Argumentative, Tendency, Mind Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: February 3, 2011

DIRECTIONS: For each section distribute a total of ten points among the sentences which you think best describe your behaviour. These points may be spread among several sentences:  in extreme cases they might be spread among all the sentences or ten points may be given to a single sentence. Enter the points in the Table.

I.What I believe I can contribute to a team:

(a)I think I can quickly see new opportunities.
(b)I can work well with a very wide range of people. (c)Producing ideas is one of my natural assets.
(d)My ability rests in being able to help the quieter people to contribute. (e)I am good at making sure that tasks are finished off properly. (f)I don’t mind taking an unpopular position when it leads to worthwhile results in the end. (g)I can usually sense whether a plan is realistic and likely to work. (h)I can sum up the discussion without introducing bias or prejudice.

II.If I have a possible weakness in teamwork, it could be that:

(a)I am not at ease unless meetings are well structured and controlled and generally well conducted. (b)I am inclined to let others get away with talking too much. (c)I have a tendency to talk too much once the group gets on to creating new ideas. (d)I like to stand back and think, which other people think is a sign that I don’t want to join in. (e)I am sometimes seen as forceful and bossy if there is a need to get something done. (f)I find it difficult to lead from the front, perhaps because I don’t want to upset people. (g)I tend to get too caught up in ideas that occur to me and so lose track of what is happening. (h)I have been accused of worrying too much over detail and the possibility that things may go wrong.

III.When involved in a project with other people:

(a)I am good at influencing people without pressurising them....
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