A Self Destructing Modern Society

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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"A Self Destructing Modern Society"

Samuel Polston
Instructor: Janice Prince Betian
COM /150-Effective Essay Writing
University of Phoenix

We are living in a society fragmented into groups competing for the scarce social and economic resources. Social order is maintained through domination of a few individuals who hold power. Power is held by few people with greatest economic, social and political resources. The disproportionate power leads to inequality because those in control of the resources in the society do whatever they can to defend their advantages to the end. The few people holding power promote their advantages by use of poor democratic ideals. The few individuals with power ensure that other people do not acquire resources, so that they can continue dominating them.

It is only through implementation of true democratic ideals that it is possible for the problem of disproportionate power can be overcome. However, this is not possible because the society is marked with failed democratic ideals. Successful democratic ideals are the ones that all people in the society regardless of the status or background have a voice in the collective actions in the society. The society is marked with failed democratic values and ideals. Instead of all people being involved in actions in the society it is only few people with power that are engaged in such activities. Few individuals with power make decisions for their own good without considering the good of others. The decisions made are not reviewed by all people as the ideal of democracy presumes (Magstadt, 2010, pp 4-5). The failed democratic ideals have led increased power disparity in the society. To overcome this problem, there is a need for the true democratic ideals to be integrated into social, political and economic realm of the society.


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