A Scientific Study on the Effects of Gel Seeding on Growth of Brassica rapa

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  • Published : January 23, 2014
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A Scientific Study on the Effects of Gel Seeding on Growth of Brassica rapa

The influence of gel seeding on Brassica rapa (Wisconsin Fast Plants®) was studied to gain a better understanding of the effects of fluid drilling techniques on fast growing plants. The hypotheses tested was that that 1) gel seeded plants would show increased growth rates compared to plants placed directly into the soil, and that 2) gel seeded plants would show superior survival rates compared to plants placed directly into the soil. Four pots of Brassica rapa were prepared for the experiment. Half of the plants were seeded with a gel mixture, with two pots receiving treatment and two as untreated controls. The heights of all plants were recorded daily, with mean heights calculated and t-tests computed to determine statistical significance of the results. The results showed no increased growth or survival rates rate for the treated plants, and the hypothesis was not supported as the differences in data did not show as statistically significant. In conclusion, the data did not show significant differences in growth or survival rates between planting methods for standard fast growing Brassica Rapa plants.

Efficient production of high yield harvests requires the rapid establishment of a full stand of seedlings. Seed enhancements such as priming and pre-germination have been used to improve germination times and seedling growth, especially under sub-optimal conditions for sowing, such as extreme temperatures or abnormal soil moisture levels (Salter 1985). Additional augmented sowing methods include gel seeding, which is the sowing of seeds that have been primed or germinated and suspended in a gel before transferring them to the seedbed (Salter 1985). This crop establishment technique has the potential to overcome many of the problems associated with conventional dry-seed sowing (Gray 1981, 1984). A major concern during seeding in adverse conditions is...
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