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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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College Essay- Topic A

My feet were anxiously tapping on the bleachers of my middle school gym, as I was waiting for my mom to bring me food. I was freaking out because I had a volleyball game in an hour and my stomach was begging for some rice, beans, and cheese tacos from El Pato. My eyes kept flashing to the door in hopes of seeing my mom, but instead I saw something odd. My brother, who was always busy with work, and my dad walked in, with no food. I was upset and confused.

I studied both of their faces, noticing something is off. My heart fluttered faster than a hummingbird’s wings. My brother took me outside a lightly said, “Abuela passed away.” The fluttering stopped and I knew then that my life would change drastically. It will never be the same without my grandmother.

In that moment, I realized being named after her felt like a huge responsibility for me because no one could ever be as loving, tender, strong, and intelligent. I will never forget the days when she use to take me to the movies, even though she knew I would fall asleep once the lights dimmed. Whenever I stayed at her house when my parents were gone, she would rearrange the furniture so I could have a room to run around and play. Every morning I would wake up, walk to the kitchen and see my favorite pastry, Shipley’s Donuts from my grandmother. Then, every night, I would go to sleep in the corner of my grandparents’ room where she had set up a comfortable bed.

She was a great example for me and taught me to be tender, loving, strong, and intelligent. The values that she has taught me will help me become one of the best lawyers out there. Your school of law is outstanding and it will help me achieve my goals in becoming successful.
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