A Sample Research Proposal

Topics: English language, Second language, Foreign language Pages: 6 (1840 words) Published: November 10, 2010
1. Full name :Phung Dieu Thuy
2. Field of study : Linguistic
3. Course : 31
4. Thesis title :A research for the difficulties of listening to the TOFEL iBT lessons .

Nowadays, English has become an international language all over the world. Many people have learnt it as the second language after their mother tongue . Thus for Vietnam, English has gradually become the most widely used language in all kinds of international relations. Studying English in a country where English is considered as foreign language, we do not have many people who speak native English and we are not used to speaking as well as listening native English daily. But teaching writing is easier than teaching listening . In writing, words are neatly separated with spaces. Speech, however, is much more messy. People don't make a pause after every word — if they did, they would sound like robots. On the other hand, for a long time, English teachers did not pay a lot of attention to the training of listening. In high school English teaching, even in public English teaching in university, listening training has been a weak point. How to increase the ability in listening to obtain the high score in the examination has been the problem of common concern of many students . As a student, I have been studied English for seven years. In Thai Nguyen University where I am studying, listening is one of four basic skills that we have to improve in order to become a translator or a teacher . When practised this skill, I had recognized that not only I am, who have problems with listening to the TOEFL iBT lessons but also many other students. This is the reason why I choose “ The difficulties of listening to the TOEFL iBT lessons ” as my study. I hope that the awareness of my study will be useful not only for students in particular but also for the teacher .

Part 1 :
1. Structure of the paper
This paper includes 3 parts. Part 1 is the introduction to the study. Part 2 reviews the literature reviews on general theories related to TOEFL iBT Listening Stratergies. Chapter 3 presents some methods used in this study. 2 . Research questions :

- What are the most popular problems of listening to the TOEFL iBT lessons? - What kinds of problem are they ? ( Psychology, interesting …) 3 . Aims of the study :
Carry out this study, my aim is to address the following issues : - General problems related to TOEFL iBT listening stratergies, what are the effects on the result of learning. - Actual evaluations and recommendations of teachers and students about advantages and disadvantages while listening to the TOEFL iBT lessons. - Suggestions for students to improve listening skills . 4 . Scope of the study

Due to time constraint, my research would only be narrowed to a small scale – the faculty of foreign languages . My study mainly focus finding out actual evaluations and recommendations of students and give suggestions to improve TOEFL iBT listening stratergies. 5 . Methods of the study

This study was conducted by using several methods in combination. It employed a set of three methods called collecting references, survey, and observation. First of all, collecting references is choosing the references that related to this issue . Next the survey would be carried out among teachers and students in faculty of foreign language to investigate their actual evaluation and comment . Finally, combine survey with observation to analyze the result I had .

Part II :
Literature Review
1. What is the TOEFL iBT ?
TOEFL® iBT Listening section is delivered immediately after the Reading section. The Listening section of TOEFL iBT measures your ability to understand spoken English in academic settings. In TOEFL® iBT the listening is done for 3 major purposes: a. Listening for basic comprehension.

b. Listening for pragmatic understanding.
c. To connect and...
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