A Sample Quantitative Research Proposal

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  • Published: December 7, 2012
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Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Life Satisfaction Among Older Adults  
A Sample Quantitative Research Proposal Written in the APA 5th Style  
[Note: This sample proposal is based on a composite of past proposals, simulated information and references, and material I’ve included for illustration purposes – it is based roughly on a fairly standard research proposal; I say roughly because there is no one set way of creating a quantitative research proposal. Much of its design is based on the nature of the research, your preferences, and your decisions regarding how to describe or portray what it is you plan to accomplish. The material in this document was adopted from a dissertation proposal created by Dr. Ralph Brockett. A biography is not included in this sample proposal. To examine ways of creating references in the APA format and other suggestions for using the APA stylistic guide, see http://www-distance.syr.edu/apa5th.html or http://www-distance.syr.edu/apa5th.pdf . Roger Hiemstra]  

An important area of emphasis in gerontological research over the past several decades has been the issue of life satisfaction. Questions about the physical, psychological, social, and economic status of older adults have served, either directly or indirectly, as the predominant focus of the aging research (e. g., Maddox and Wiley, 1976). It is these kinds of questions that have increased understanding of the processes and problems of aging and have led to the development of strategies designed to maximize the potential of the later years.  

At the same time, self-directed learning has generated considerable interest in the adult education literature. This has been fueled by the development of the SDLRS (Guglielmino, 1977), a scale designed to measure a person’s readiness for self-directed learning. Unfortunately, very few have looked at self-directed learning and older adults. Hiemstra (1975) studied older adult’s learning projects and found a strong...
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