A Sad Day for Verona

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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January 7-11, 2013
TEKS 5.11D use multiple text features and graphics to gain an overview of the contents of text and to locate information 5.13B interpret factual or quantitative information presented in maps, charts, illustrations, graphs, timelines, tables, and diagrams. Target Strategy: Make inferences.

Target Vocabulary review sort (by parts of speech or by things in common)

               PEAK strategies to be used:
       •     Ask a partner for help
       •     Work with shoulder partner
       •     Partner Review
TEKS 5.18A create multi-paragraph essays to convey information about the topic. Writing narrative text
It feels good to do something nice for somebody else.
Write about a time when you did something that made you feel good. (i) present effective introductions and concluding paragraphs;
(ii) guide and inform the reader's understanding of key ideas and evidence;
(iii) include specific facts, details, and examples in an appropriately organized structure (iv) use a variety of sentence structures and transitions to link paragraphs.  

 WORD WORK (10 days)
TEKS: 5.2E use a dictionary, a glossary, or a thesaurus (printed or electronic) to determine the meanings, syllabication, pronunciations, alternate word choices, and parts of speech of words. 5.22B (i),(ii),(iii),(iv)

      •Reading Vocabulary Workshop Orange UNIT 7 (PGS. 68, 69)  - Match the Meaning of the vocabulary – Pages 70, 71)
- Vocabulary in Context (pg. 72)
- Synonyms and antonyms (pg. 73)
 - Classifying groups of words – Page 74)
- Complete the idea (page 75)
- Word Study (prefixes un-, in-, im-, non-) Page 76
- Shades of meaning (Words that express your feelings) Page 77.  
 PEAK Strategies: Each person reads the definition for the words in the unit.                    Work as a team, give and get from the team members.  
TEKS: 5.27B; 5.27A; 5.29;...
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