A Royal Salute to the Commonwealth

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A royal salute to the Commonwealth

The article “A royal salute to the Commonwealth” is written by Peter Osbourne, a British journalist and a political commentator. It reflects on the role of Commonwealth as being a better applicable organisation for England than NATO and the European Union in this modern and developing world, which promotes internationality and independence rather than superiority of one dominating country. Peter Osbournes views Commonwealth as an organisation, which has been underestimated for its possibilities over the years. This is reflected from following quote: “For many years it has been automatic in progressive circles to sneer at the Commonwealth as a meaningless relic of our imperial past.” line 20 page 6. He holds the opinion that New Labours visions have been blurred by their fascination of the United States and the European Union. His disapproval of Gordon Brown and Tony Blairs opinion is clearly presented in following quote: “(…)it is Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s poodle-like relationship with the United States, and the former slavish worship of the European Union, that now looks out of date(… )“ line 28-30 page 7. From the quote above he presents the leader figures of the Labour party as being very unprofessional. Also he emphasizes that Commonwealth has a better practical stand than organisations such as NATO and the European Union by contrasting the advantages of Commonwealth with the flaws of NATO and EU. On a practical base Commonwealth is cheaper to run, whereas the cost of membership in EU is incomparably high. Another positive factor about Commonwealth is that about two billion people, more than half of these being under the age of 25, live in Commonwealth countries. This also allows a great diversity to be represented, now that the Commonwealth countries are to be found in every continent of the world.

Although Peter Osbourne does recognize that Commonwealths administration is not as powerful as the European...
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