A Rose for Emily: Two Different Worlds

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  • Published : March 22, 2007
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Two Different Worlds

What people on the outside of a situation perceive and what truly goes on behind closed doors can be two completely different worlds. Public and private lives no matter how interesting or enviable have some kind of flaw. The prefect atomic family does not truly exist. Ones psychic can be irrevocably altered because of this one flaw. I William Faulkner's, A Rose for Emily, He uses an odd chronological order to show there is always a dark cloud in a perfect would. Faulkner also shows through vivid imagery and symbolism that Emily is a prisoner of two worlds, the public and private life. This shows how poor Emily is never able to cope fully with either one because she was never shown how.

Emily was looked upon in public throughout the novel in many ways. She was once the bell of the ball. Through out time she slowly faded just like the house she had lived in her whole life. When she was alive "Miss. Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care…". Which basically, when she was younger the town took care of her. For instance when her father died the mayor took away her taxes because her father had lent the town money when they needed it. The town figured that this would be the best way to respect and repay her father back for all the good he had done for the city. Her father was a dominant man who didn't think that any man was good enough for his little girl. That man ran off every person who would try to court Miss. Emily. She was basically not aloud to use her mind unless she was told to do so. Because of this and her being secluded away from everybody she did not really have the social skills to carry on in every day life. Well after her father died, she had a chance to get out on her own. That is when she met a Yankee man named Homer Barron. This was kind of a shock to the town's people. When they saw them in public they started thinking that they were going to get married some time. Then comes the twist, what could be looked at...
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