A Rose for Emily: Sad Story

Topics: Death, William Faulkner, Father Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Andrea Paniagua
A Rose for Emily
Prof. James Hintze
ENC 1102

“A Rose for Emily” is a sad story written by William Faulkner. The story tells about a lonely lady called Emily Grierson, who, with her father’s death, stays stuck in time. Emily had spent nearly all her life with her dad, and her every day depended mostly on him. When Mr. Grierson dies, Emily enters in denial and keeps his body. As days passed by, the smell of the corps can’t be hidden, and the town realizes something in that house isn’t right. People feel pity for Emily as she struggles and becomes mentally ill.

Emily was from the elite society of Jefferson. People respected her because of her father and what he had done for the town. After his death, people begin to feel sorry for her as her first struggles begin to consume her life slowly. She had an incident with the authorities of the town. The once major of Jefferson had dismissed her taxes because of her fathers dead, but when the new major of town came to possession decided that Emily had to pay every penny she owed. Authorities came o her house to solve the issue between them. Emily refused to do it so eventually they give up.

As misery continues to haunt Emily, she locks herself from the world. Not a soul would enter her house. She was all -alone with no company, not a boyfriend, not a thing. Soon after, a guy came into town, Homer Barron. He was a constructor, and considered by most a lower-class man. Emily and Homer began to spent time together. The townswomen were dissatisfied with her unapproved dating, since he was someone beneath her class, but soon after a while they got used to it.

Suddenly one day Emily went to the pharmacy to buy arsenic (poison). She never said why she wanted and they gave it to her. People thought she was going to kill herself because Homer had left town and were worried. Homer came back and wedding rumors started. Emily’s life was getting back on track.

Finally, the years go by and...
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