A Rose for Emily: Miss Emily Grierson

Topics: Social class, Woman, Nobility Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: July 20, 2008
Miss Emily Grierson

Perhaps, the most enticing word for Emily isn't “sick”. Demented and perpetually disturbed appears more appealing to a novice that does not understand the true depth of Emily's nature. The narrator that speaks of this story has a personality that of the old with an age of the young. Whether it may be a man or woman, the rose symbolizes praise to Emily as a maverick in early women's movement. The type of person Emily is, is wholly due to the men that have left a drastic yet resonating impact on her life; them being her father and Homer Barron. With their coexistence in her life, she became the woman that she is at the end from their impact and the town’s comments.

Borne into a family of great wealth with a well pronounced rich lineage; a duty of any woman of her age was supposed to follow, was expected to be followed and with exact precision. However, with Emily being highly concealed by her father, she had to live with many restrictions of life, resulting in a pronounced backlash and profuse alteration of her personality. Giving the reader a limited impression that as a character, she is shown with excessive pride, leaving an enduring imagination to readers, as to what she was as an adolescent; but imagination does permit us to consider her as any young child; easily manipulative. Yet as a person Emily reacts to her situation in her youth filled years like any child would during this time; reserved, complacent and with the utmost respect, as could be seen in the following excerpt, “So when she got to be thirty and was still single, we were not pleased exactly…”; although this does not state and show her obedience it bluntly, as it does imply that although she had wonderful suitors and her father sent them away she did nothing to stop it; clearly sending the message that she is a acquiescent child.

Her father, however, there is no imagination needed for; from context we can plainly see that he is a powerful man with much character....
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