A Rose for Emily - Light and Dark

Topics: Light, Darkness, William Faulkner Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Light and Dark
Throughout “A Rose for Emily,” William Faulkner brings out two different sides of peoples conception about Miss Emily. In the story there is a light side and a dark side. “she has evidently shut up the top floor of the house.”(795) The men of the town attend Miss Emily’s funeral for public reasons, but the women attend just “to see the inside of her house.”(787) The inside of her house was never seen making it dark and mysterious, but when she passed everyone let the light into her house as they gazed upon it wondering what was inside.

The setting of the story influences our views of Miss Emily in such ways that are almost unexplainable because of the mysteriousness in the beginning of the story and how she went about her life after her father’s death. When her father dies, she would not let the town take the body from her until three days past. They took away her only family and her only connection to the outside world. The emotional connection between her father dying ached in her heart and she was seen very little after this. The town’s people just wondered why this was and why the Negro, that went to the market every day, would not say anything about the wellness of Miss Emily. Her lifestyle was very mysterious after this incident. While she was with Homer Barron, she would be seen outside of the house getting supplies and driving in his buggy. A year after they had begun to say “Poor Emily”, and while the two female cousins were visiting her”(792) she had asked for some rat poison. The druggist gives her the poison and the town says that “she will kill herself.”(793) But she was seen getting wedding cloths, a ring for Homer, and even a silver toilet seat. Then the town says “they are married” (794) So they were not surprised that Homer was gone. The last was seen of Homer going into the house after dark one evening.

When Miss Emily dies, “the negro met the first of the ladies at the front door and let them in.”(795) After the funeral...
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