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A Rose for Emily

By | December 2008
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hello a rose for emily story based on a women loses her father she's truely love so much and so close too has died she didn't want to believe that her father was dead. she claim her father was still alive . she was scared to be aloneman named homer walk into her life she loved him & wanted to marry him but he wasn't the marriage type and he was gay she liked men. she knew that he was leaving and that he wasn't a marry type but she loved him and didn't want to leave she had no choice to kill him because she didn't want to lose another person so she poisnef homer and never left home after she killed him . she led his dead body on her bed and few days they a stinky Oder smell of his body and she been sleeping & have sexual with his dead body .she had niger servant named tob who did errands for Emily who went big and fourth to her house and went to the market to get what she needed. people wonder wonder what happened to Emily and Homer they never see them since their cousin visit and left Boone knew what happened them years passed emily died and people discovered that they both were dead and the house was like a marriage with a tux black suit while wedding dress and the smell of the Oder was horrible .

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