A Rose for Emily

Topics: Short story, Southern United States, William Faulkner Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: May 28, 2013
In William Faulkner's short story "A Rose For Emily," I feel that Miss Emily killed homer with the arsenic she had purchased from the druggist. I had to re-read it again to understand why she would have killed him. A couple of things stood out to me the most: Homer's sexual orientation and Miss Emily's visit from her cousins. Since Emily only went out a handful of times, and most were with Homer, she might not have been aware of Homer's remarks of liking men and his activities with the young men of the Elks' Club. Emily's cousins from Alabama came to visit her while Homer was away. He probably left to hide the fact that she was living with a man. Maybe Emily's cousins expressed their dislike of her living unmarried with a man. I also feel like the line regarding the arsenic opinion and its box labeled "For rats" was very telling as to how Emily viewed him when she poisoned him.

From seeing the other pieces of William Faulkner, I notice that most of the are set in the southern United States. Himself being born in Tennessee, I can understand why he would write about something he was so close to. He also seems to have a common theme with regard to time. I noticed that some of his stories, just like "A Rose For Emily," starts off at a certain point of time, goes back, and then forward in time again. Reading the short story, I got a sense of how the changes after the Civil War affected the people of the south, and how these changes are still happening today. There was some racism reflected in Faulkner's story and this is still a pressing issue in the south. Even 80 years after this short story was written.
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