A Rose for Emily

Topics: Delirium, Sentence, Mental confusion Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: May 9, 2013
1. INITIAL RESPONSE--After reading the text, answer the following questions that should help you to compose an initial response: What is your initial reaction to the section? Did you enjoy the reading? Explain fully. What were your feelings about the characters and events that take place? Did anything confuse you or surprise you? Let your first thoughts guide the response. As you read, however, check back and record ways in which your initial responses to the early chapters change.

By the beginning of the last few paragraphs, I was already starting to get antsy and worked up from the suspense. After reading this, I was confused and creeped out of course. I expected it to be a rather strange story however just from the opening dependent clause. The first section was somewhat confusing to me but I sort of just dismissed it and moved on. Anyway, the story was okay. I’m usually always on the fence on whether or not I like stories that leave me wondering. It wasn’t boring though so that’s a plus. I think the townspeople were way to into Emily’s business, especially the women. They judged and gave their opinions when no one needed to. I’m not surprised Emil went crazy living in a town like that. I’m confused as to how her hair is on the bed next to Homer if the room hadn’t been opened in over forty years.

2. INQUIRY--List questions you have about the selection. Work on developing questions that go beyond plot but show that you are thinking critically. Try to answer your own questions if possible. If you answer your own questions as you progress in your reading, make note of your new understandings.

Why did the colonel do that for Emily’s father? Did he do something prior for him and his family or something? Is the smell from a dead body? The drug is labeled “for rats”, did Homer do something to Emily like cheating on her? No, she kills him so she won’t have to lose him.What’s the deal with the yellow? If she was laying on the bed with him, that...
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