A Rose for Emily

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Sawyer Mathis
February 9, 2013
English 1002
Iris Coffey
a Rose for Emily
Does the movie stay true to the book? In this case, yes the film adaptation of “a Rose for Emily” stays very true to the movie. Setting is unchanged from what you would picture while reading the story. The characters, both main and secondary, are perfectly represented. The dialogue in the film is transplanted directly from the pages of the story. The film is very nearly an exact depiction of the story. Firstly, the setting you see is exactly what you would have expected while reading the story. The main example would be the large Victorian home of Miss Emily. It is expertly represented through all stages of the story. The house went from immaculate, to a state of age and disrepair, then to the stage of abandonment. The entire town is exactly what the reader could have expected a Victorian town to be. Secondly, every single character is exactly how you may have pictured them to be, act, and sound. Angelica Huston is a shining example of perfect casting. The perfectly portrayed Miss Emily from a stately young woman , on to the emotionally distraught woman, then to the lonely and eccentric old woman. Another good example would be the casting of Jared Martin, who played Homer Barron. He displayed the strong gentleman that was seen by all, and he even mastered the homosexual innuendo his character possessed in the short story. Thirdly, the script is basically the short story. The thoughts and words of the characters are bang on. The introductory narration is the first thing you hear in both the film and story. The script also replicates the thoughts of characters, like the servant’s motives for staying. In conclusion, the short film stays true to the short story it is based upon. The setting is perfectly represented in the film. The characters are beautifully casted and directed. The dialogue is wonderfully identical to that of the story.
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