A Rose for Charlie

Topics: Sexual orientation, High school, LGBT Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: March 6, 2011
A Rose for Charlie

Charlie Howard
Charlie Howard was a 23 year old man living in Bangor, Maine in 1984. On July 7th, 1984 Howard was murdered by three teenage boys for being openly gay. Howard’s murder was one of the catalysts for the movement to include sexual orientation in hate crime legislation throughout the country. In 2004, the Charles O. Howard Memorial Foundation was formed to promote diversity, tolerance, and hate crime prevention. High School Years

* Made fun of in high school for being gay, having a learning disability, and the way he walked and talked. * Did not attend his high school graduation because he didn’t want his family to see how the other kids treated him. First Move to Bangor

* Due to the fact that Charlie did not achieve high grades in school, he was not considered “college material.” * Charlie felt like an embarrassment to his family and could not find a job in his hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. * In January of 1984, Charlie went to live with Scott Hamilton and Paul Noddin, both of whom he had met through a mutual friend. Scott and Paul offered Charlie a place to live while he looked for a job. * After a month with no luck finding a job, Scott and Paul suggested that Charlie move back home to Portsmouth. Second Move to Bangor

* After a week of living in Portsmouth, Charlie called Scott and Paul again. * Scott and Paul decided to let Charlie come back to Bangor again. * This time Charlie was more upbeat and determined. A neighbor helped him get a part-time job through a city employment program. * Charlie found friends at the Unitarian Church which had a number of openly gay members and also sponsored Interweave, a gay and lesbian support group. * A few weeks later Charlie moved out of Scott and Paul’s house and into a place of his own. Life in Bangor

* Charlie gained newfound acceptance among the people of the Unitarian church. * Most of Charlie’s new friends had been verbally and...
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