A Robbery

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  • Published : April 8, 2011
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A robbery
It was late in the evening , I had spent the whole day shopping at the mall. As I strolled along as secluded section at the mall, I felt exhausted after the long day. I did not notice a suspicious character clad in tinted glasses eyeing me carefully. I felt unsafe in the part of the mall so I decided to trust my instincts which told me to get out of the area. I was walking briskly out of the place when all of a sudden, the man with the tinted glasses grabbed my handbag which I had slung over my shoulder in a rough manner. I felt rather shocked and stood there stunned by what had just happened when suddenly it struck me that I had been robbed. My heart started beating rapidly and my pulse raced. There were credit cards, my identification card, hand phone and worst of all, a lot of money. I started screaming for help but no one responded to my plight. Instead I received many stares and curious glances from passers-by. I was practically screaming gibberish words and they couldn’t make out what I was saying. Exasperation was only one of the many emotions that ran through my quivering body. I broke down and cried like a baby groaning and cursing my luck that day. I had cause a big commotion. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a few people who shot me sympathetic looks. I heard the pitter-pitter of approaching footsteps and looked up. There was a policeman holding my bag. He waved it before my face as he asked me calmly with a warm smile, “ma’am, is this yours?” a broad grin spread across my face as I embraced the policeman and thanked him for his help.
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