A Road Ahead for Shanghai Volkswagen

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Problem solving, The Central Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: November 19, 2010
I.Time Context:
-the time when the problem was noted which requires the necessity of an action

-Identification of the real owner of the problem (person or position of a person who can solve the problem.

III.Central Problem:
-It is a gap, obstacle or difficulty that deter or prevent the company from achieving its objectives; it is a threat to goal fulfillment; it could also be a deviation or an imbalance between what should be and what actually is happening. A problem should be answered by the questions:

What is wrong that needs correcting? Or
What obstacle needs to be removed?

IV.Statement of Objectives:
(it must be attained within a year; a shortage objective)
(a long- range objective)

Ends or results that are sought; they are states or accomplishments that the enterprise desires to achieve in relation to the problem.

V.Areas of Consideration:(facts of the case in outline form)
When a student has determined what he considers the central problem and has stated his objectives, he must ask the question, “What do I need to know to solve the problem?”

These areas of consideration can either be through:
-SWOT ANALYSIS –if the central problem is internal or within the firm.
Internal Environment:
External Environment:

-TOWS - if the central problem is external or outside the firm.

VI.Alternative Courses of Action:
-Alternative is a choice between two or more possible solutions, methods, or approaches that might solve the problem and thereby reach or achieve the company’s objective. -Alternatives must be mutually exclusive; said differently, and alternative must be able to stand alone. -In some case problems, the alternatives are clear or given; the student must not be contented with pre-determined alternatives, he must strive for new and better alternatives or solutions. -A good alternative must be relevant,...
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