A River Sutra

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Laura Carr
The Creative Process
A River Sutra

In what ways is our narrator’s life and experiment now The Creative Process? In my mind, the creative process is simply one in which a person explores different thoughts and concepts to reveal some answers. As for our narrator, after the death of his wife and the fact he is now a retiree, he searches for meaning in his own life. He felt strongly that he has “fulfilled [his] worldly obligations” (p1). By withdrawing from the iterative city world in which he was so saturated, our narrator allows himself time to explore different aspects of the world. The narrator’s choice to practice Vanaprasthi along the captivating Narmada River gives him the perfect opportunity to do this, as he has always enjoyed his stays at the rest house that lies along its banks; and as it is an extreme alternative to his previous everyday life. Throughout the book A River Sutra, the narrator encounters new people, each with a unique story. He realizes that there is an infinite amount of knowledge in Tariq Mia, as well as the other story telling characters. Because he is listening and really taking in these stories with an open mind, our narrator’s life becomes the creative process.

Who or what situations in A River Sutra are the most interesting or complex examples to you of loss? In this book, I have to say the most complex of examples of loss pertain to the story of Master Mohan and Imrat, and everyone involved. Fist off, when Master Mohan was young, his father tried so hard to show the world the beauty of Master Mohan’s voice. As stated in the book, “he had stood outside recording studios, muffling coughs as tuberculosis ate away at his lungs, willing himself to stay alive until his son’s talent was recognized” (pg 55). The disappointment must have been hard for his father to take to his grave, but imagine how Master Mohan felt when simply, his “voice had broken” (pg 55). The consequences for this unfortunate matter include...
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