A River Runs Through It: Themes

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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A River Runs Through It

One of the themes for the movie, A River Runs Through It, deals with the affection in a family. In my opinion, it shows we should watch out for our loved ones. When things go wrong we should help and support our family members. I notice it was something that brought the minister and his two sons together. The two brothers learned as young boys that their father was worthy of respect and could teach them many things, not just about fishing, but about life as well. The movie shows Norman looking out for his brother, Paul, and he tries to keep him away from trouble. The two boys grew up loving to fly fish and the information they received when they were young helped them become better at fishing and also better in life. They learned to be patient. The movie also showed that gambling and hanging out with the wrong people can affect not only our own lives, but our families as well.

Another theme that Norman MacLean, the author, gets across is forgiveness. For example, when the desk sergeant called Norman at two in the morning because Paul was in jail was reason to become angry. Norman then went to the police station to get Paul out of jail. Norman managed to forgive Paul and take him fishing the next day. Another example of forgiveness in the movie was Norman and Paul’s brother-in-law Neal, who made a fool of himself by passing out naked in the middle of the day from drinking too much. Norman’s mother-in-law and wife forgave Neal for being badly sun burnt and acting like a jerk. Forgiveness, family and patience are the three character traits brought out in the movie. All three are needed to lead a happy life.
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