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In the theory of a rhetorical approach, three primary ways are identified in order to achieve the goals of interpersonal rhetoric. They are rhetorical reflector, rhetorically sensitive person and Nobel self. In this paper, the applicability of these three ways will be discussed since their applicability is different in Hong Kong culture.

First, the way that works best in Hong Kong culture is the Nobel self, who is unwilling to change for others. This theory works best because of the way that parents taking care of their children. The average number of children in each family in Hong Kong has decreased compared to the families in the past, which have nearly doubled the average numbers of children in each family, so parents can pay more attention on each child. Also, parents tend to build up a positive parental relationship with their children by satisfying most of the wants of the children and putting their children at the first priority. Since the children are used to be the center of their parents, they become self-centered, that is they put their own feelings in the first priority, as a result, their abilities to change for others are reduced. The example to show that Nobel self works best in Hong Kong is a group of teenagers in Hong Kong who the society described them as “a group of people having the illusion of being a princess or a prince.” These teenagers believe that they should be treated as princesses or princes that they don’t have to do anything or to bear any responsibility. The main cause of this group is stated above. These teenagers are unwilling to change for others especially their relational partners because they think that everyone will change for them just like their families do. This type of teenagers shows that the Nobel self work best in Hong Kong.

The part of the theories that does not work in Hong Kong is the rhetorical reflector, who is willing to change to please their partners. In Hong Kong, people are trained to possess a...
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