A Rhetorical Analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, United States Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: February 7, 2011
A rhetorical analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. In a very reverent, yet quick, address, Abraham Lincoln not only honorably bestows a farewell to the soldiers who gave their lives for the livelihood of their country, but through his rhetorical usage of juxtaposition, repetition, and parallelism, Lincoln unites his speech together, and this in turn transfers into his central message of unity as a nation.  Lincoln’s usage of juxtaposition, the comparison of two ideas, gives life to how two completely different ideas, the North and the South, should become one, just as he juxtaposes life and death under the same pen.  The main purpose of juxtaposition is to place two ideas or phrases which may be completely opposite such as the “living and dead,” together and allow the reader to see them side by side.  Lincoln goes the extra step and conveys his juxtaposed ideals to coincide with his uniting tone.  Lincoln’s remorse for the Civil War, which was in a downhill phase, comes out as he mourns the loss of a fellow American, not making it matter whether he was a Union soldier or a Confederate.  Lincoln also encourages the audience to not let their deaths be made in vain, but rather remember how two separate ideas, or notions, can coexist unless under a similar structure.  His final statement, almost a third of the entire piece, creates one final juxtaposition of a “new birth” and the prevention of a “perished” nation.  This patriotic appeal enthralls the audience to action, because the American people know how vital liberty is.  This final statement surely left a mark on the reader, mostly because of the burning patriotism and zeal which typifies the average American.  Lincoln’s usage of juxtaposition allows him to transfer that zeal into action, by uniting the American people. Two concrete examples of repetition lie in the opening statement of Lincoln’s speech, both of which set a precedent for the repetitious nature of the entire address.  One of these...
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