A Rflection of Principles of Management

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A Reflection of Principles of Management Course

PROJECT TITLE: A Reflection of the Principles of Management Course

This project is geared at highlighting my expectations and the extent to which these expectations were met, the challenges encountered over the life of the Principles of Management course, the strategies used in order to manage course material and learn the course. Also, in depth information will be given in respect to overcoming these challenges and the strategies that did or did not work for me.

This project captures my beliefs about management and managers prior to pursuing this course, the theories, concepts, ideas, and situations in the course and how the pursuit of this course changed my beliefs and impacted me immensely.

Additionally, the benefits of the course on me as an individual, a wife and mother will also be heightened as my end results.

My expectations of the Principles of Management (MGMT 1001) course was that of deep concentration, intuitiveness and integrated in daily operational and functional activities to make me abreast of the standardised procedures of management in business.

The sessions were quite interactive and interesting and have afforded me the privilege to be in tuned with daily happenings across the Caribbean. The group experiences that occurred across open campus sites, with students of different background and experiences added a value and insight to my understanding of many topics that were discussed.

This experience allowed me to be generally more interactive and open to discussions. As a result, I found myself having discussions with my peers and even my tutor in respect areas I felt most comfortable and where I had very strong views. It also taught me to choose my language carefully and provide constructive criticism when in disagreement.

The major challenge I encountered at the start of my course was time management. Essentially, this became a challenge because I was pursuing five (5) courses, had a full-time job, being a wife and a mother of two (2) girls. Fundamentally, time management is a critical success factor and as such I knew I had to master it. Albeit this fact, the fear of failure became my initial response, but not long after the positive input of my tutor provided me the zeal to reach for the stars.

Despite the growth that resulted from the positive input I was receiving from my tutor, at times, I felt that my tutor was being mean or harsh in marking my scripts, but not long after I realise it was important for me to use those feedback as motivation to move forward and improve my work. Within a day or two (2) after reflecting I pulled myself back up, I had a job to accomplish and failure was not an option. This experience helped me to put a bit more control and structure in my life, as such, I developed a time table, which incorporated all the courses I was presently pursuing and leaving out nothing. I stuck to this development through thick and thin, even on special anniversaries I upheld my plan. I kept on track and continued my race, the target was intact and I was on a mission to achieve a goal that was well worth it.

There are several strategies used in learning and managing the Principles of Management course; reading the course material and the tutor’s postings, analysing what is taught and fitting it into the today’s business environment, doing further research online via the world wide web, clarifying definitions and statements, and having discussions with top level managerial staff in my organisation as well as my peers who are in similar positions in various Caribbean countries, among other strategies that were employed.

All these strategies worked together to facilitate better understanding and awareness and have also provided hands on experience in the working world. This added knowledge was transcended and became an open door for better opportunities at my job where I was identified...
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