A Rewrite of Antigone

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  • Published : August 18, 2010
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Statement of Intent

Jean Anouilh redefined the intensity of drama and conflict in Antigone, which was originally written by Sophocles. What makes this statement rightfully accurate is the discussion between Antigone and King Creon. The discussion was brought to action when Antigone went to bury Polyneices, her brother who was a traitor to Thebes and whose body was commanded to be left outside without rightful burial rights. Now Antigone has to bare the strong grip of punishment from King Creon for her alleged actions. But all of this built up frightfulness ended up transitioning into a challenging debate over to whether the job/role of a person with high position like Creon should get in the way of personal matters, like the burial of Polynices. Antigone shows this strong feminist personality that is not scared to die, which resembles the personality many playwrights like Shakespeare and Anouilh try to portray for women who could have a heart and courage of a man. She did not back down and run away from the responsibility of the burial and exemplified the courage to see death straight in the face. Unlike Antigone, Creon represented the essence of the politicians, put work before everything. Even though he did not like was doing putting Polynices out there to decay while Eteocles had a formal funeral, it was what he needed the people to see. During the argument, it seemed that the power of Creon’s legitimacy was shrinking as Antigone questioned him on topics from the burial to the qualities of a king that Creon did not meet. I will redesign the whole conversation between Antigone and King Creon by cutting off the excess details all over the discussion and focusing primary on a leader’s point of view to commit secrecy in order to keep their legitimacy and to value job values over personal views, expressing both characters’ true potential personalities, bringing in a twist of comic relief into the tone of the discussion, but most...
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