A Review of the World and Ethics, Reason and Belief

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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What is the difference between a hypothetical imperative and a categorical imperative. Kant formulates the Categorical Imperative as follows: Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law. Explain what this means.

Kant argues that the principles of human duty can be justified with reference to the categorical imperative and not the hypothetical imperative. He claims that the there two sorts of moral duties which are the perfect (categorical) and imperfect (hypothetical) duties. Categorical are nagative and strict, we are forbidden from doing some sorts of action for example we must no lie or murder. Hypothetical duties are not strict and are positive in nature and they do not specify how much we ought to do. Under the hypothetical imperative not every action that fails to measure up is wrong there is more leeway in meeting one’s imperfect duties. Kant distinguishes two type of imperatives categorical and hypothetical impreatives. Kant thinks that imperatives may be expressed in terms of there being some action that one ought to to do. For example, the imperative be quite may be expressed as you ought to be quite. Hypothetical imperatives have the general form if you want then you outh to do and it compromises of personal choices and it is much done out of personal will without any external forces exstited of a person hence their is an element of self determination on hypothetical imperative for example if you want to lose weight then you should not eat chocolate. Refainaing from eatin chocolate is something that is required of conditionallly, it applies only on the condition that one share the end for which the imperative prescribes means. Under the hypothetical impiretive one is not required to perform the action instrimental to it. One can escape what is required by the hypothecal...
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