A Review of The Logic of Non-Standard English by William Labov

Topics: Middle class, Social class, Working class Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Today I am going to talk about the Logic of nonstandard English written by W.Labov. In older days, with the help of the government, there are a lot of researches about the education problems of the children in the ghetto areas. Ghetto means a city which Jews lived or which members of a minority group live , isolated group. Most of the psychologists try to figure out the needs of education from poorly environment. This paper use example as Negro people. Most of the psychologists said that the problems occur bcoz of the verbal deprivation( they said Negro children from ghetto areas have very little verbal stimulation so they cannot speak complete sentences don’t know the names of the common objects and cannot think of concepts) But those psychologists don’t know much about language and Negro children. In fact, Negro children receive great deal of verbal stimulation hear more well formed sentences than middle class children … they have the same basic vocab, possess the same capacity for learning. It told here that myth of verbal deprivation can lead to the hypothesis of the genetic inferiority of the Negro children, that means they feel ashamed that they are Negro . But that is originally designed to avoid In the findings of many psychologists, it seem that children have a very poor understanding of the nature of the language. They are treated as if they have no language in their own. Labov explain how the verbal deprivation has become and other facts about language which are known to linguists. He also explained about the relation between concept formation and dialect differences. This theory of verbal deprivation occurs because of some facts that we all know, ( that Negro children do badly on school subjects mostly arithmetic and reading) They are doing worser and worser. ( they do worse in fifth grade than in first grade) Reports show that most of the isolated ethnic groups seem to do worse than others ( for example like Indian, Mexican-American and Negro) If...
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