A Review of Lee and Marlene Canters Assertive Discipline Model for Classroom Management.

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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This paper contains a review of the literature of Lee and Marlene Canters Assertive Discipline model for classroom management.  

Developed in 1976 and the brain child of Lee (originally trained as a social worker) and Marlene Canter (a special education teacher) Assertive Discipline is an approach to classroom management that involves a high level of teacher control in the class in a firm but positive manner. The Canters' believed that even students that are typically disruptive can choose acceptable behavior if expectations were made clear and follow-through is consistent and timely (DuBois et.al, 2001). The Canters developed Assertive Discipline when they realized that teachers were not being trained in behavior management. In Lee Canter's own words, "I developed the program about 14 years ago when I first became a wear that teachers were not trained to deal with student behavior. Teachers were taught such concepts as "Don't smile until Christmas "or "If your curriculum is good enough, you will have no behavior problems" (Canter 1990). The basic tenets of the model include basic rights of the teacher and students: 1. Teacher rights

A. Teachers have the right and responsibility to establish rules and directions that clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. B. Teachers have the right and responsibility to teach students to consistently follow these rules and directions throughout the school day as well as the school year. C. Teachers have the right and responsibility to ask for assistance from parents and administrators when support is needed in handling the behavior of students.

2. Student Rights
A. Students have the right to have teachers who help them learn to eliminate inappropriate behavior
B. Students have the right to choose how to behave, with a full understanding of the consequences that will follow their choice.( Teachmatters 7/2011)

The Canters believe that...
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