A Research Proposal on ''Family Influence on Consumer Home Appliаnces Purchasing Behavior''

Topics: Consumer protection, Microwave oven, Home appliance Pages: 8 (1656 words) Published: April 19, 2013

Thesis Proposal

Table of Content
Content| Page|
1.0 Introduction| 4|
1.1 Background of the study| 4|
1.2 Rational of the study| 5|
1.3 Scope and objectives| 5|
1.4 Research questions| 6|
1.5 Hypotheses| 7|
2.0 Methodology| 9|
2.1 Research design| 9|
2.2 Data collection method| 9|
2.3 Sample selection| 9|
2.4 Data processing and data analysis| 9|
3.0 Tentative work plan| 10|
4.0 References| 10|

1.0 Introduction

In Bangladesh, demand for Home Appliance (Television, Microwave oven, Washing Machine) is growing very fast. There are more people interested in home appliances than before because of shortage of time and engagement in job. Nowadays, home appliances are a part of life for a lot of people, especially for women. The key factor which determines purchase behavior is career and abundance of daily life activity. Consumers are more aware of their food habit, entertainment and easiness in their daily life and therefore they are willing to pay for products which reduce their time in household job and provide them some extra scope to have more spare time for entertainment. At the moment, home appliances (Television, Microwave oven, Washing Machine) have a greater influence than they have in the past. There is a rapid change in the purchase behavior of consumers because the quality of life is increasing and the world is shrinking. Therefore, the convenience of buying product makes some people think more easily to buy foreign home appliance brand or imported product without going aboard. They can easily communicate with the family members and with peers before buying a product. Home appliances (Television, Microwave oven, Washing Machine)are the popular products for the consumers every year especially because these kinds of products provide certain facilities, so the process of buying those products needs some consensus among family members, and it is more important to understand the influence patterns in consumer buying behavior for those products.

2.1 Background of the study

Today the world is more advanced and information is just a click away for consumer for their purchase decisions. Since, consumers are more highly educated and receive information easily their purchase behavior is changing. There are many factors affecting purchasing behavior and many businesses are interested in those factors. Consumers buy things for many reasons. They used to think that needs are things that are essential for living. There are lots of influencing factors passing through the consumer which he/she perceives both consciously and subconsciously sometimes their family influence them for purchase decisions. A consumer decides to purchase the products or services according to those factors (Pooler, 2003). Family has been one of the important influences in consumer behavior for a long period of time. Bangladeshi consumers always give preference to foreign brands rather than home brands especially for home appliances (Television, Microwave oven, Washing Machine) because of durability and other issues. This research will be done for the partial fulfillment of BBA program to know the influence of family on their behavior on home appliances (Television, Microwave oven, Washing Machine).

2.2 Rational of the study
Since, the inhabitants of Dhaka City are very much engaged with different chores they have little time to spend on household duties besides, they are more conscious about their health and connection to the world of entertainment, so home appliances (Television, Microwave oven, Washing Machine) are getting popularity among them. These product gives them comfort in their life and helps them to joy every wink of life...
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