A Research Proposal

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A research proposal: the impact of cultural difference on consumers’ attitudes to luxury brands in China and UK

This proposal is about the comparison of consumers’ purchasing behaviour to luxury in China and UK. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods are used in the study. A literature review was written and it helped to form a clear understanding of relevant theories and the field I study in. After that, based on a set of variables like income, age, occupation and so on, a piece of questionnaire will be designed and carried out to collect original data. Then we will know how cultural difference affect customers’ motivation to buy luxury goods, what factors impact on luxury purchasing The research aims to find out. All the findings in the research will help British brands to know Chinese luxury markets well and then, it will benefit them to enter Chinese luxury market and develop efficient marketing strategies.

Key words: luxury, segmentation, motive, consumer behaviour, cultural diversity Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
2. Literature review4
2.1 General backgrounds5
2.2 Theories on segmentation and motives6
2.3 Current researches about the similar topic of the proposal8 2.4 Conclusion9
3. Methodology and Feasibility10
3.1 Methodology10
3.2 Research design and data collection methods11
3.3 Feasibility Study13
4. Timetable14
List of References16

1. Introduction

Along with economy and technology are all developing rapidly in recent years, it is significant that globalization has become an overwhelming trend in all walks of life. Benefit from this process above, the global markets can be bounded together in multi-cultural environments and become more complicated than ever before (Park and Reisinger, 2009). Thus, it is important for companies to conduct accurate market segmentation before access to a new market nowadays (Schmitt, 1997). The research aims to find out the differences in customers’ attitudes to luxury brands in China and UK, under various cultural backgrounds. To be exact, as cultural diversity will lead to differences in consumers’ needs, consuming behaviour and values, I decide to write the research proposal in view of culture segmentation. In terms of religion and country, objective factors such as various geographical environments, the heritage of history and culture, the outside culture and so on, all of these will bring about cultural difference (Schmitt, 1997). In addition, from a social perspective, cultural differences will be caused by people’s occupation, education and economic status, etc. As the largest developing country, China has become a huge potential market. Besides, since China is a vast country, itself has the character of cultural diversity. In addition, the effect of foreign culture to China has been for a long time, Chinese cultural constitution is much more complicated. Generally speaking, have a right reorganization of the customers’ perception differences between China and UK will be beneficial to British luxury brands enter Chinese market.

Since there is a wealth gap between inland and eastern region in china, and the latter has a stronger economic strength, it will be the major luxury goods market (Schmitt, 1997). Therefore, this research will be conducted at several main cities in eastern China and costal areas, they are Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, separately. In UK, we will launch the survey at five cities in England, they are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. The informants who are selected should match several conditions, for instance, on the one hand, the respondents’ minimum annual income should above 40,000GBP/400,000CNY. They should be 35 years old to 40 years old, on the other hand. In this proposal, I will apply the method of combining qualitative research and quantitative research. Before quantitative...
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