A Research of Experimental Animation

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A Research Of Experimental Animation

In many people’s opinions, animation means funny and humor and designed for children. The content of the animation is nothing more than fairy tales, legends, fables, etc. Animation even becomes a symbol of Disney cartoon. However, if we re-examine the animation from another point of view, we will find that it has grown out of a single commercial mode constraints. Some of the animations are complicated, obscure and abstract. Variety kinds of visual images in it stimulate the audience's optic nerves. This is the salient features of experimental animation. Experimental animation belongs to the field which between film and pure art. Innovation is the soul of it. In the production process, the choice of content subject is free and arbitrary. The famous experimental animation artist George Griffin said that experimental animation should not just kitsch, naive and Disney style. It should have its own animation pioneer, not too modest, not meet the review, not for prime time, and should not be mainstream, but totally should be alternative. [1] Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to individuality and originality. As a pioneer in film and television animation, experimental animation has done a lot of exploration and experimentation in profound content and advanced technology. Various forms of experimental animation style far beyond people's imagination. It focuses on the exploration of ontological and also emphasizes originality. In modern society, as a primary means of academic research and the culture communication, experimental animation is famous to many animation artists for its unique artistic charm. This essay summarized the status and characters of experimental animation at first, it points out the importance of experimental animation as pioneer art. And its main trait is the pioneer and the exploration which exits in its form and connotation. Then summarize the actuality of Chinese experimental animation with the background of the development of experimental animation all over the world. Arguments for the concept of experimental animation

* Concepts and Features
In the early 30s of last century, when the animation started to be created out of the Individual.Gradually developed a set of more mature production technology and process (to do multi-level shooting by using celluloid film and base on a story which has fixed form).When the group operation became the mainstream, those animations of artists which remain “self-style, form, techniques and production methods o to be known as the Experimental Animation.” [2] Experimental animation discussed in this article mainly for commercial animation which is main part of animation. It is a broad concept. It refers to those animations with spirit of experimental exploration and had made a great breakthrough in aspects of concept, process, technology or manifestations. A Little Routine by George Griffin

The target audiences of experimental animation are mainly adults. It focuses on exploration of animation’s ontological, emphases the originality. In early days, experimental animation has undergone a dramatic transformation when the avant-garde movement in art was developing. As of today, although the tools for creating are different, the spirit of experimentation and innovation which contains in it has been preserved. Throughout the development of animation, experimental animation always seems to be a guide for breakthrough in aspects of form and content. Most of the mainstream animations are reflection of current development of technology and market value. It fully presents the awareness of the creator and their views of social environment and cultural impact. Though the creation of experimental animation, we see the creation of diverse elements and new ideas. Experimental animation contains a wealth of human thought and creation experiment, the use of creative ideas and media is an important factor in...
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