A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies of Coca Cola

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  • Published: April 17, 2011
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A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies
Monica L.L. Davids

Mr. Mike Walsh
HR351 Principles of Marketing
30 January 2011

The internet today has become the default source of information. This has brought a drastic change in the marketing and service policy of businesses. Websites make it very convenient to place all the information the company wants to provide in one place and easily accessible to all parts of the globe. Today the genuineness of the businesses is decided by the quality of its website and its contents. Good companies are taking websites as a serious affair and realizing its potentials in sales and promotion. The advent of Web 2.0 has opened a whole new era of interactive web and companies are enhancing the features on the website for better services. With advancements in computer graphics, the appearances of the websites are enhanced each day.

The objective of this report is to briefly describe the products and service offered by Coca-Cola on their website and promotion of their products and services. The second part of this report is to discuss promoting my own business with the help of website.

A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by Coca-Cola
The Coca-Cola Company has developed a well planned website which satisfies all the questions of its consumers. It used pleasant graphics and is updated with the current web-developmental trends available. The website is strategically divided into following five major segments.

1. Company Information: Provides overview of the company
2. Products: This section gives detailed information of all the company products
3. Health: This section addresses health issues associated with the consumption of beverages
4. Quality and Safety: This section discusses the
5. Social Initiatives: This section is intended to generate goodwill amongst the society for the company. Let’s discuss the products and service on...
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