A Report on the Economic Recovery in Britain in the 1930s

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A report on the economic recovery in Britain in the 1930s

In the 1930s Britain’s workers was experiencing signs of affluence. All this extra money was due to the living standard going up by 15 percent. This meant the money didn’t come from wages being increased but the cost of living decreased.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The affluence also came from the gross domestic product rate. In 1922 to 1938 the rate rose to the average of 2.1 percent per annum. The rates were a lot better than the years before the war which were at 1.1 percent in 1900 to 1913. However, growth rates were very similar to the rates of the second half of the nineteenth century; this rate was at 2 percent in the 1856 to 1899. In the 1930s, the rate grew faster than the 1920s as between 1932 and 1937 the rate nearly rose to 4 percent per annum. This mean that Britain held her place and held on her own in the thirties which meant Britain picked herself up compared to the twenties when she lost her place.

Housing Act

The housing boom was just one of the ways that the affluence affected Britain. The housing act was also evidence of the affluence which could be seen for it. By 1939 one in three families were living in houses which were built since 1929. Between both wars a massive four million houses were built. However, nearly half of the houses were built by private developments. The private developments were growing mainly in the south east. All the houses were built with a new standard of living, even the other half of the houses built, which were council houses. The council houses were put up for rent. As all houses had a new standard of living, the fitments included baths, hot water and proper kitchen. Particularly in the private sector, the houses came to form the new suburbs. Each home would also have a garden of a decent size and quality.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles were just one of the industries which led the way. This was even included in a new range of...
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