A Report on Otobi

Topics: Furniture, Middle class, Working class Pages: 22 (5858 words) Published: November 30, 2010

This report has been prepared for Mr. Syed Munir Khasru, Instructor of Business Communication Course (C102). The report takes a look at the various operations of Otobi Limited, its present position in the furniture industry and its future prospects.

1.1 Objectives

The aim of the report is to:
▪ Understand the condition of Otobi Limited in the present furniture industry. ▪ Relate the position of Otobi to its financial success. ▪ Analyze the marketing strategies of the company.

▪ Analyze the effectiveness of the company’s promotional techniques. ▪ Recommend some steps that can assist the company.
▪ Apply the concepts learnt in the business communication course

1.2 Scope

The group has chosen Otobi Limited as its choice of company. The furniture industry in Bangladesh can be divided into branded and unbranded furniture. The report is confined to modern, lightweight, branded furniture, due to complications in surveying the operations of the unbranded furniture. The complications are a result of mass production and selling of unbranded furniture in numerous stores and shops under different names. Also, this report does not include hard wooden furniture. While the group has tried to do a thorough analysis of the company, the report is mainly focused on the concepts learnt in class as well as some basic marketing concepts.

1.3 Methodology

In order to collect the data for the report, the group has used not only library research but also normative survey research to obtain both primary and secondary data. Our business communication textbook, which the group used as a guideline for preparing its report, along with the reference books listed in the bibliography were used as the sources of secondary data. Many websites and brochures of all major furniture brands in Dhaka were also used to find out certain facts about the companies and furniture industries.

For the primary data collection, our group interviewed Bipasha S. Hossain, Head of Business Development, Md. Morshed Alam Bhuiyan, Officer, Design, Debobrato Shaha, Asst. Manager, Sales, and A. K. M. Asad, Asst. Officer, Sales of Otobi Limited. The group also toured 3 showrooms and 3 dealers of OTOBI and 3 showrooms of the main competitors to gain first-hand experience of its operations and learn about the various services offered to their clients. In addition, a normative survey was conducted in order to find the level of effectiveness of the advertisements of OTOBI.

1.4 Limitations

The report is completely based on the information revealed by the representatives of the different furniture companies and on the validity and reliability of the secondary data. However, the data used in this report does not stand on any official research prepared by any other third party professional market analysts. Consequently, the scopes for manipulation of data by the companies can be taken into account and therefore the validity and reliability of the information cannot be guaranteed.

2.Overview of the industry:

2.1 Background

Household furniture includes chairs, tables, beds, cupboards, wardrobes, dressing tables, kitchen cabinets, etc. Modern furniture in offices is predominantly of steel or metallic type. Since the 1980s, these types of furniture have found their place in households, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and restaurants as well as public places such as airports, railway stations and ports. The development of new furniture designs go on, although with one trend overlapping the other. One style does not stop abruptly when another begins and the designs and styles are often blended with one another in a process of continuous development. Today, instead of wood, materials like steel frame, specialized plastic sheets, and other wood substitutes are imported and used to manufacture furniture. These furniture are stylish, light-weight and therefore, easy to carry and move. Most of these...
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