A Report on New Product Launch at Hll

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Corporate sales






Corporate sales


A REPORT ON CORPORATE SALES BY CHIRAG T. VAISHNAV A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the MBA Program of ICFAI Business School Submitted to: Faculty Guide Anant B. Project Guide Sunil Ahmed. Submitted by: Chirag T. Vaishnav 04bs0566


Corporate sales

I express my greatest pleasure in thanking Prof. Anant B. for allowing me to do my SIP under his able guidance. I also express my deep gratitude to Mr. Rishi Pardal, the head of Hindustan Lever Ltd, Bangalore for allowing me to do SIP in his organization. My project guide for Hindustan Lever Limited, Mr. Sunil Ahmed, for taking up my project and supporting it with zeal which can make it most successful. A special note of thanks to Mr.Rajendra, Mr.Vivek, Mr.Faisal, Mr.Dilip, Mr.Sandeep and all the other staff members of Hindustan Lever Limited who are a wonderful family to work with.


Corporate sales

1. 2. 3. 4. Acknowledgement Abstract Introduction Objective 4.1 History of Unilever 4.2 History of Hindustan Lever Limited 4.2.2 The Brands 5. Recruitment at HLL 5.1 Training 5.2 Method of training 5.3 Training script 6. Back-end Team 7. My Area 7.1 My Area Map 8. Reporting 9. The launch products 9.1 Market segmentation 9.2 Target Market 3 6 7 9 9 13 36 42 42 44 45 46 47 48 49 51 54 54


Corporate sales

9.3 Product Positioning 9.4 Appointment of distributors 10. The Launch of 3-in-1 in Bangalore city 10.1 Market Plan 10.2 Stock Requirement 10.3 Manpower planning 10.4 Budget 10.5 Process of Sale 11 Database 12 My team 12.1 My team members 13 Analysis of sales 14 Lipton Marathon 14.1 Our Involvement 15 Suggestions 16 References 55 55 56 56 57 57 58 59 61 65 65 67 71 72 73 74


Corporate sales

The sip is all about promoting and selling the three new products of Hindustan Lever Limited. The target customers for the products were decided to be the SOHO‘s i.e. Small Offices and Home Run Offices. As a sales promoter our job was to visit the target customers and give demonstration about the product. Prior to the project I did not have any sales experience. So this SIP was a learning point at each and every stage for me. The first one or two weeks went in just understanding the work itself. After a little experience I understood how to go with it. The main purpose of sales is to understand the pulse of the customer. Also maintaining a good rapport with the customer and being honest to them helps in building a long lasting relationship with the customers.


Corporate sales

My SIP consists of the sales of the new products launched by Hindustan Lever Limited which consist of the premix sachets of Lipton Tea, Bru Coffee and Knorr Annapurna Soupy Snax.  Lipton Tea  Cardamom  Regular  Nuts and Cinnamon  Dairy Whitener with Tea Bags  Bru Coffee  Regular  Choco Almond  Vanilla-nut  Knorr Annapurna Soupy Snax  Tomato Tease  Spicy Veg  Chicken Punch  Peppery Chicken All these are single served premix sachets launched for the first time in Indian Market. As these are premix sachets, Lipton and Bru sachets consist of tea/coffee powder, milk powder and sugar. So for consuming them we just need to mix it in hot water and the tea/coffee would be ready to consume. And in the Soupy Snax sachet which is a supplement for samosa or puff as it consist of soup having snax; the powder is there which is to be mixed into hot water. For the customers who don’t have facilities for hot water, Hindustan Lever Limited also provides hot water dispenser. The Lipton and Bru sachets are not available in the retail market


Corporate sales

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