A Report on Hash Marka Narikel Oil

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Target audience Pages: 13 (3669 words) Published: September 17, 2012


Prepared For
Samy Ahmed
Course Instructor
Strategic Marketing
(MKT 460)

Submitted By

Asif Iqbal (063115530)
M Nazmur Rahman (071135030)
Shams-E-Siraj (081164030)
Ismail Tareen Khan (017915030)

Summer 2012
Dept of BBA, School of Business
North South University


28 July 2012

Samy Ahmed
Faculty Member
School of Business
North South University

Subject: re-launching of Lalbagh Swan Brand Coconut Hair-Oil

Dear Sir,

We as a group presents this report regarding product re-launching and advertising campaign that is directed towards repositioning a product that you asked us to prepare, as a requirement of the course, MKT 460.

We have prepared this report with pleasure and enthusiasm since this has augmented our knowledge about the importance of marketing strategies. We have provided you with as much information as we were able to gather within the short time period.

It was a great pleasure working on this report. And should you need any assistance in interpreting our report, we will be glad to furnish you.


Asif Iqbal (ID-063115530)M Nazmur Rahman (ID-071135030)
Shams-E-Siraj (ID-081164030)Ismail Tareen Khan (ID-017915030) Introduction
Lalbabgh Hansh Marka Narikel Tel, a product of Lalabagh chemical was a premium selling coconut oil in the past decade or so. Once the market leader, it has unfortunately lost its way and is now way behind its competitors. We as a group took the challenge of reviving this product and bring it back to its glory days via our advertising campaign. For this we need a strong advertising campaign to reposition our product in the minds of the customers. We have identified some of the avenues by which we can attain the most effective response in terms of both awareness and of course increasing sales.

Product Description
After careful market research we have found that Lalbabgh Hansh Marka Narikal Tel is a product of coconut extract in the form of oil. The product is meant for taking care of hair. It is a Bangladeshi product with a rich history. There are two types of on the basis of scent-scented and non-scented. We are campaigning for the non-scented one because of its demand over the scented one. One of the advantages of choosing the scented version is that it has more opportunity grow because of its demand, which can translate in to incremental sales for the non-scented version as well. There is currently it two types of packaging that is offered by the company mainly based on size. They are -

(a) Big size: 500ml @ TK. 170
(b) Medium size: 350ml @TK. 115
(c) Small size: 200ml @TK. 65

Advertising Objective:
Our main objective is to inform or remind our customers about the re-launching of Lalbagh Swan Brand Coconut Hair-Oil. Once again we will try to remind our customers that our product is the best in quality. Here we are using basically a combination of both communication and sales objectives. In one hand we are telling them that we are here to stay and on the other hand we are pursuing them to buy our product. So basically it is a communication objective through which we will try to motivate our customers to make their purchase. Advertising Purpose:

To prompt direct action: As an advertiser we design our advertising campaign motivate our target customers to act immediately. To encourage information search: We influence our target customers to search for information in regard our Lalbagh Swan Brand Coconut Hair-Oil before making a purchase decision. To relate product to needs: As an advertiser we try to relate our product benefit according to our customers’ need. To modify attitudes: We will modify the attitude of the customers toward the product by citing its quality, benefits etc. To recollect the past satisfaction and to prompt reorder: Moreover, we will persuade them to...
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