A Report on Akij Food and Beverage Ltd.

Topics: Retailing, Confectionery, Sher Shah Suri Pages: 52 (5015 words) Published: May 14, 2011
A report helps the authority to take the correct decision. This report will also help to take an appropriate decision. Because all the information of this report is true. This report has been made based on eight routes. Because there are eight routes in Mohammadpur line B. They are Town hall, Tajmahal road, Adabor, Agargoan, PC culture, Tikka para, Ring road and Nobodoy. There are some markets under each route. Under Town hall the important markets are Town hall, Sher Shah Sure road, Salimullah road, Razia sultana road, Nurjahan road and Bash Bari road. Under Tajmahal road the markets are Tajmahal road and Krisi market. Under Adabor the markets are joint quarter, Shakertack (4-12), Adabor (1-10), Munsurabad. Under Agargoan, Shamolly (1, 2, 3), Talta and Agargoan. Under PC culture the markets are PC culture (1-10), Mohammadi housing and Mohammadi society. Tikka para, Humayoan road, Aziz mahalla, Jahuri mohalla and Babor road are under Tikkapara route. Under Ring road the markets are Ring road, Adabor bazaar, and Shamolly road. Under Nobodoy the important markets are Nobodoy housing, Dhaka urdan and Nabinagor housing.

Findings and Analysis: I have investigated all the routes and have collected some information. Based on this information I have found that there is no gap among the name of the markets but some gaps have been found in the name of the shops of the markets. There are some shops included in the list having no existence and some shops are not included in the list.

Route name- Town Hall:
The actual name of the shops and the listed names of the shops are shown in the table. | Sher Shah Suri Road | | Actual Outlet | Listed Outlet | |1.Lamia store 15/10, |1.Kabir store, | |2.Parvin general store 15/10, |2.Marjahan store, | |3. Ali general store 15/10, |3.Miraj store, | |4. Hotel green and restaurant 15/11, |4.Sumon confectionary, | |5.Asa general store, |5.Amir, Deuan store, | |6. Triangle tradus 57, |6.Bismillah store, | |7.Aziz general store 43, |7.Honey store, | |8. Popi store 38, |8.Soikat store, | |9.Khala moni foods 27/15, |9.Omar tea, | |10. king sweets, |10.Masud confectionary, | |11.Al amin general store, |11.Farhan store, | |12.Rafiq variety store, |12.Masud store, | |13. Prianka store, |13.Amin store, | |14.Masud confectionary, |14.Islam store, | |15.Amin store, |15.Niramoy pharmacy, | |16.Islam store, |16.Bikrompur,...
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