A Reply to an Erring Customer

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A Reply Sent to an Erring Customer

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your letter of the 23rd instant with a cheque for Rs. 25,000/- on account.

We duly sympathize with you on the difficulties expressed by you in collecting your outstanding accounts. However, as you are well aware, we do feel that we could expect more from you on this issue.

We do appreciate that you have been forwarding small remittances from time to time, but you would agree that the debit balance against youur a/c has been steadily increasing during the past twelve months and now it stands at a considerable total of Rs. 85,000/-

Having due regards to the past many years, during which, you have been a customer of this house and a generally satisfactory character of your account, please note that we are reluctant to resort to harsh measures.

We must, however, insist that the existing balance should be cleared off by regular installments of say Rs. 10,000/- per month. We would highly appreciate if the first installment reaches us by the 7th of the next month. In the meantime, we have to advise, though most reluctantly, that you shall pay cash for all further goods; but as a special gesture, we are allowing you an extra 3% discount in lieu of the credit.

We shall be glad to hear from you about this arrangement. In default, we shall have no alternative but to close your account and place the matter in some other hands.

Yours truly,


1.Comment on the appropriateness of the sender’s tone to a customer.

2.Point out the old – fashioned phrases and expressions.

3.Rewrite the reply according to the principles of effective writing in business.

Case II

Advertising Radio FM Brand

A young, gorgeous woman is standing in front of her apartment window dancing to the 1970s tune, “All Right Now” by the one – hit band free. Across the street a young man looks out of his apartment window and notices her. He moves closer to the window, taking interest. She cranks up the volume and continues dancing, looking out the window at the fellow, who smiles hopefully and waves meekly. He holds up a bottle of wine and waves it, apparently inviting her over for a drink. The lady waves back. He kisses the bottle and excitedly says, “Yesss.” Then, he gazes around his apartment and realizes that it is a mess. “No!” he exclaims in a worried tone of voice.

Frantically, he does his best to quickly clean up the place, stuffing papers under the sofa and putting old food back in the refrigerator, He slips on a black shirt, slicks back his hair, sniffs his armpit, and lets out an excited , “Yeahhh!” in eager anticipation of entertaining the young lady. He goes back to the window and sees the woman still dancing away. He points to his watch, as if to say “Come on. It is getting late.” As she just continues dancing, he looks confused. Then a look of sudden insight appears on his face, “Five,” he says to himself. He turns on his radio, and it too is playing “All Right Now.” The man goes to his window and starts dancing as he watches his lady friend continue stepping. “Five, yeah,” he says as he makes the “okay” sign with his thumb and forefinger. He waves again. Everyone in the apartment building is dancing by their window to “All Right Now.” A super appears on the screen: “Are you on the right wavelength?”


1. What is non – verbal communication? Why do you suppose that this commercial relies primarily on non-verbal communication between a young man and a gorgeous woman? What types of non – verbal communication are being used in this case?

2. Would any of the non-verbal communications in this spot (ad) not work well in another culture?

3. What role does music play in this spot? Who is the target market?

4. Is the music at all distracting from the message?

5. How else are radio stations advertised on TV?


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