A Reflective Journal

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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A Reflective Journal

It’s 2010 and e-Learning is quickly becoming the way of future learning. Via online learning you are able to eliminate barriers including distance, time and entry requirements. The same principles apply as attending a normal classroom, only you’re able to do it in the comfort of your own surroundings at your own pace. Online learning provides access to learning materials such as, i-Lectures; online links to the same lectures held in classrooms, YouTube links, online books and libraries, PowerPoint presentations and additional links to related resources. The flexibility of e-Learning is incredible and provides, in my opinion, a less stressful study environment and teachers you to be self-motivated. Through EDP155 Understanding Learning you travel along an amazing learning journey discovering what psychological aspects you can and will come across when you become a teacher. A deep understanding of educational psychology and an ability to apply it in practice are fundamental to being a great teacher (Eggen & Kauchak 2009). You learn about different psychological theories and begin a journey of self discovery as you learn to challenge different views and concepts of learning, teaching and assessment. The course begins the journey to becoming the best teacher you can be. An online journal encourages you to think about and reflect upon your learning by documenting ideas and concepts, both familiar and new about a topic. First writing a few words what you know about a topic and then exploring the topic in depth and writing what you have learned, thus demonstrating cognitive learning. Cognitive learning theories explain learning in terms of changes in the mental structures and processes involved in acquiring, organizing, and using knowledge (Royer, 2005; Sawyer, 2006). The journal is great learning tool and is an easy way to remember and reflect on new knowledge. The journal can really challenge and even change your views towards learning,...
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