A Reflection Paper

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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A Reflection Paper

June 2009

Being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer is devastating, but the opportunity is always there to help prevent such a shocking dilemma in our daughter lives. Looking at a utilitarian point of view, it is truly eithical to do as much good for others as possible. The medical field is progressing each and everyday. Scientists are coming up with trials to develop if not a cure something very close. In my experience, I was diagnosed with advanced stage four breast cancer. I had not idea this disease was invading my body. I went through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I made it through by faith and strength. I find it my moral duty as a mother and a friend to make sure everything is done to prevent my daughters and granddaughters from this disease. Genetic testing has been developed to be used as a tracker to see if my girls are susceptible and they are monitored for any changes. Through this method, they can monitor their breast health and catch anything that looks like it is developing early. It is imperative that everyone that has breast cancer, especially advanced stage breast cancer, look for the welfare of their daughters. Utilitarianism is showing an act is right if it is useful (Thirous, p42)/ It is morally correct to ensure the health of your children is good because it is right and it shows that you care. Using the utilitarian theory, which I believe should be the guidance of life, making sure my daughters are healthy and remain that way using genetic testing is the right and moral thing to do.
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