A Reflection on Wholeness and Healing

Topics: Health, Medicine, Nutrition Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: January 30, 2013
A Reflection on Wholeness and Healing
Mikayla Todd
George Fox University
Spring 2013: Counseling with Kris Kays
CHMN 381/PSYCH 381
Box # 4279

I am passionate about seeing people live well. In other words, I love to see people living abundantly and live life to the full. There are many ways that we can do this. There is not just one way to live well. People across the globe live well in many different forms or fashions varied by culture, socioeconomics, gender, and more. The opposite is true as well. People in every stage of life, whether it be the rich or the poor, young or old, white or black, all do not live well too. Yet despite the many ways that one can live a life out, I believe that there are basic principles by which all can abide that help create a framework in which people can thrive. In order to live well, man must be whole, complete, and unbroken or in an undamaged state. Ultimately, this state can truly only come through Christ, but He has allowed humans to be apart of helping each other be made whole. There are so many facets in which man must be made whole. Counselors can help walk people through emotional healing. Pastors often guide people to spiritual alignment. Dentists help make everything right in people’s oral cavities. Each one of these tasks has value. Optimally, each broken area of a person’s life should be addressed and made whole. I want to join the team of making man whole through the tangible means of healthcare particularly as a doctor or a nurse practitioner. Although it may take time to get this dream fleshed out, I someday hope to open my own clinic or join a team that focuses on helping families live well in order to approach medicine preventatively by looking at both individual and communal lifestyle choices and how they affect an individual’s health. Not only would I get to diagnose and prescribe as a means to help people heal from illness; I would also be in a position where I could promote lifestyle...
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