A Reflection on Plan Evaluation

Topics: Observation, Better, Policy Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 23, 2013

In this topic plan evaluation, I now understand why we always have visitors from the division, region and even from the central office visiting our school to evaluate and observe how things are being carried out. In my three years of service in the government, there was no school year that there was no evaluation. Seeing them holding some checklists made us tremble while asking us things and observing our classes. Being new in the system I wondered and ask myself, is it proper that after evaluation they will have feed backing so that we will be able to know what areas we need to improve and what are their suggestions for the betterment of our school and children. That is one thing that I had observed that after evaluation, results of the observation were not discussed for improvement sake. As I go over with my topic in plan evaluation I was enlightened why they regularly conduct evaluation and why we were not informed about the results of the evaluation. It was then that the results were for the policy makers, program directors and direct program staff consumption only.

If given a chance in the future to plan for an evaluation, I would suggest that any corrections or any part of the program that need some improvement, during the onset of evaluation, feed baking should took place right after the evaluation so that the implementers of the program (teachers) will be able to know where they need some polishing that will be congruent with the objectives of the program. During the design of the evaluation process it would be better if local persons and all those who are involved in the implementation of the program will be present during the discussion period so that opinions are expressed and be validated, for everybody has its part to the success of the program. All evaluation plans should identify both participants and stakeholders, and should include the relevant items developed in the evaluation process. In the monitoring...
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